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ECO-LUXURY® - Environment and Luxury Synonymous.
Ro & Co is vegan run and operated. One vegetarian or vegan diet saves the lives of 100 animals every year.

WHY VEGAN? The leather/livestock industry is the leading cause of global warming, deterioration of lands, pollution, and waste of natural resources, such as clean water. In America, cows and pigs in factory farms produce close to 90,000 pounds of excrement, which is contaminated with antibiotics and hormones that are pumped into these animals. Studies show that animal waste releases toxic airborne chemicals that can cause inflammatory, immune, and neurochemical complications in humans.

The skin of these animals is then used for leather while their meat is used for cooking. From beginning to end, the amount of energy used to produce leather hide is twenty times more than the energy used to create synthetic materials. Animal skin, that usually decomposes naturally, is sprayed by chemical toxins so that they will last for years with their use as the exterior of jackets, handbags, and accessories. Such toxins are a leading cause for the deterioration of the environment. With reports such as these, we have noticed a change to veganism in recent years.

VISION: Change. Change to make the world a more sustainable place. Ro & Co is a 100% vegan, cruelty-free organization that uses only synthetic materials. We take a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Vegan is going mainstream but many of today's vegan products are scarce of fun, luxury, and affordability. We work around the clock to cultivate a brand that is not only vegan, but also fashion-forward and saves our environment. 

MATERIALS: Our fabrics are lead-free and are shedding away from PVC. Both the exterior and interior linings of Ro & Co products are made of synthetic materials as they contain no animal hide. The hardware also contains very little nickel, as this metal is a cause of allergies in humans and should be in limited contact by human skin. 

MANUFACTURING: From the creative design process to production and shipment. We have implemented rigorous quality control standards. Ro & Co ships all goods in the least amount of packaging possible to reduce its carbon footprint. 

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